Olivia Cook

Courtney Haun


A lack of a personal photographer was the problem, so selfie stands are our solution. All good ideas begin with a problem, and ours is nothing different.

It was a beautiful day in October 2017 where Courtney was attending a conference at the Auburn University Hotel and Conference Center. She had on freshly ironed professional attire, her hair was curled to perfection, and her makeup was flawless. So, you know she needed a new headshot (come on ladies, you know the feeling!), but not just any headshot. She wanted to also capture the gorgeous, fully bloomed trees and flowers that were in her background. However, there was a problem - no one was around to take her photo (Ugh! Don’t you hate when this happens?). She began looking for someone to ask but was nervous that it would be awkward. After fifteen minutes of searching, Courtney finally found a colleague to capture her photo.

The photo turned out okay, but Courtney wanted more pictures to choose from as her colleague only snapped a couple. So, walking back into the conference center, she thought to herself “A public phone stand would be great to have here! I could have taken as many pictures as I wanted without having to ask anyone.”

A few weeks later, Olivia, a self-proclaimed “Selfie Queen,” approached Courtney to join her in entering Auburn University’s 2018 Tiger Cage Business Competition. Courtney agreed and they went through pages and pages (did we say pages?) of business ideas before Courtney mentioned the problem she had at the conference. Immediately, the “Selfie Queen” was hooked. As the two brainstormed strategies, Olivia added the idea of the mobile application to communicate with the stand.

And, just like that...Snippety Snap was born!